April 2019 – Bus Service Changes

March 8, 2019 3:59pm

There are a number of important changes to local bus services in Lincolnshire during April including to Centrebus services in the Grantham area.



New timetables will be listed below when available.

From 1st April 2019

Brylaine K59 Boston to Spalding – Revised timetable Click Here

From 6th April 2019

Stagecoach 1/1A Skegness to Chapel St Leonards – Seasonal timetable change  Click Here

Stagecoach 3 Skegness to Ingoldmells – Seasonal timetable change  Click Here

Stagecoach Interconnect 59 Skegness to Mablethorpe – Summer Sunday timetable introduced  Click Here

From 8th April 2019

CallConnect 4 Grantham to Stamford – Revised route and timetable Click Here

CallConnect 9 Stamford to Oakham – Revised Saturday timetable. Click Here

Centrebus 1 Grantham to Earlesfield – This service will operate to a revised timetable, with some afternoon peak journeys being withdrawn.  The Meres Leisure Centre stop will no longer be served. Click Here

Centrebus 1A Grantham to Alma Park – The 0715 journey from Alma Park will be withdrawn and afternoon peak timetable will be re timed. Click Here

Centrebus 3 Grantham to Barrowby Gate – The 17:30 weekday journey will be re timed to operate 17:45 and the Saturday service will be operated by CallConnect to a revised timetable. Click Here

Centrebus 8 Grantham – Melton Mowbray – Loughborough – The current 17:10 Saturday journey from Melton Mowbray to Grantham will retimed to operate 10 minutes later. The section between Melton Mowbray and Loughborough remains unchanged. The Weekday Loughborough – Melton Mowbray – Grantham timetable remains unchanged. Click Here

Centrebus 9 Grantham to Sunningdale & Woolsthorpe by Belvoir – This service will be operating to a revised timetable. Click Here

Centrebus 14 Grantham – Great Gonerby – Downtown – The 17:55 journey from Grantham Bus Station to Great Gonerby Monday to Friday will be withdrawn, and the Saturday service will be withdrawn (although largely replaced by service 24). Click Here

Centrebus 24 Grantham to Newark – The weekday peak timetable will be reduced, with Saturday journeys being diverted via Cliffe Road following the withdrawal of the Saturday 14 service. Click Here

Centrebus 26 Aslackby to Grantham – The service will operate to a revised timetable with off peak journeys no longer being operated by Centrebus. (CallConnect will operate an improved off-peak service on Monday to Saturdays). Click Here

Centrebus 27 Sleaford to Grantham – The service will operate to a revised timetable, with most journeys being retimed. Sleafordian will operate some school journeys. Click Here

Centrebus 28 South Witham to Grantham – The service will operate to a revised timetable, with most journeys being retimed.  The 07:35 South Witham to Grantham and 16:15 Grantham to South Witham journeys will be operated by Stagecoach East Midlands. Click Here

Centrebus 33 Bourne to Lincoln, Centrebus 36 Sleaford to Boston & Centrebus 44 Boston to Lincoln will be withdrawn. They will be replaced by a once a month service operated by Sleafordian. CallConnect can also be used on Wednesdays for journeys to Boston. Click Here Click Here Click Here

Centrebus 35 Folkingham to Sleaford (Monday only) – This service is withdrawn. Affected passengers should use Centrebus 37 or CallConnect

Centrebus 37 Sleaford – Billingborough – Sleaford – The afternoon journey is being extended to serve Sleaford Railway Station. Click Here

Centrebus X6 Bingham – Bottesford – Grantham – The 07:30 and 15:50 school day journey from Bingham will be diverted to operate through Earlesfield in Grantham. Click Here

Stagecoach 3 Fiskerton to Lincoln – Service reverting to original route following completion of roadworks.

Travel Wright 67 Newark to Saxilby – Replaced by the new 367 service with amended route and timetable. Click Here

From 15th April 2019

PC Coaches 10 Bardney to Lincoln – Revised route and timetable due to the Bardney Bridge closure. Click Here


From 28th April 2019

Stagecoach Interconnect 1 Lincoln to Grantham – Revised route and timetable – now via Grantham Railway station. Click Here

Stagecoach Interconnect 51 Grimsby – Louth – Mablethorpe – Service extended to Mablethorpe (replacing service 59), connections available to Skegness Click Here

Stagecoach Interconnect 59 Skegness to Mablethorpe – Revised route and timetable. No longer operates between Mablethorpe and Louth – replaced by Stagecoach 51 Click Here

Stagecoach Interconnect 57 Skegness to Boston – Revised route and timetable Click Here

Brylaine B13 Boston to Spalding – Revised timetable  Click Here


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