About the service

ConnectBus is an on demand bus service and part of the CallConnect network. Unlike a typical public bus service, ConnectBus doesn’t follow a fixed route. Instead, our smart technology adjusts the route in real-time depending on where passengers need to travel at the time of booking and picks up anyone travelling in the same direction along the way.

In addition to our bookable service, we also offer a range of traditional timetabled services, complementing the bus network.


Booking your journey


Before you book your journey you’ll need to register your details. It’s quick and free.

To register either download the app and register your details or  call the booking office on 0345 263 8153. Give your details and you’ll be issued with your registration number that is used for booking your journeys.


Your journey can be booked by phone or on our booking app, from 30 minutes notice or up to 7 days in advance (subject to availability).

We will confirm your 20 minute booking window at the time you book your journey. Approximately 30 minutes before your booked journey we will send you an SMS message providing you a more accurate collection time.  

All Journeys are subject to availability. Some routes and times are very busy and we advise passengers to give as much notice as possible.

To keep you connected to the wider transport network let the booking centre know if you have a rail or bus connection to make when you travel on ConnectBus – it’s important to us that we help you get to where you want to be.

If you are travelling on a ConnectBus timetabled service, you only need to book if the timetable is noted with a ‘B’ at your desired pick up or drop off location.


Simply turn up at your confirmed pick up point, pay your fare or show your concessionary bus pass and enjoy the journey!

To help keep our buses running to schedule, be at your pick up point a few minutes before your booked time. 

Once boarded, your journey may be combined with other passengers heading in the same direction.


What are the fares?

Fares vary according to distance and are calculated on a zonal basis. You pay for your journey when you board the ConnectBus either by cash, using contactless payments or by showing a valid concessionary bus pass (location time restrictions may apply).

Children aged 5-15 pay half the adult fare

Under 5’s travel Free with an accompanying adult

Save money with our 10 Journey Saver Ticket

You can use your concessionary bus pass on CallConnect


Where can I travel?

Every ConnectBus operates within an area of up to 12 miles giving passengers access to hundreds of locations. Serving small hamlets, remote villages, rural communities and market towns, our minibuses enables passengers to connect and travel further. 

When booking your journey through our app, you can select where you wish to travel from and this will highlight the service’s operating area in which you can travel within.

Some locations may fall under more than one ConnectBus or CallConnect operating area. To find out which ConnectBus service covers your location click on the A – Z Location finder below.

Home pick ups and drop offs are available for people who are unable to use conventional bus services due to age, disability or mobility impairment. Please call 0345 263 8153 for more information or use our live chat facility.


Operating Hours

The CallConnect service operates Monday – Saturday (excluding bank holidays) during the below times.

Monday to Friday

The CallConnect service operates from 7am – 7pm


The CallConnect service operates from 7:30am – 6:30pm

Journeys are available to be booked from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 7:30am to 6:30pm on Saturdays. Please be aware that the drivers do have breaks throughout the day in line with government guidelines, meaning that there are period of time where the bus is unavailable.

ConnectBus journeys are subject to availability with more demand for journeys at certain parts of the day.  If you need to travel at a specific time, for example a connection, an appointment or for work, please book with as much notice as possible.   You can book up to 7 days in advance or on the same day as you wish to travel. A minimum of 30 minutes notice is required to communicate your booking with the ConnectBus driver.

For details of the ConnectBus booking office open hours please see below.


Booking via our App


The App

Bookings can be requested via our app 24 hours a day. 

You can request you booking up to seven days in advance or with as little as 30 minutes notice on the day you wish to travel.  Please note that all booking are subject to availability and not booked until you receive a booking confirmation.


Booking by Phone


Booking Office Hours Call: 0345 263 8153

Monday to Friday

The booking office is open for all advance booking 8am – 6pm


The booking office is open for all advance booking 8:30am – 5pm

ConnectBus phone lines for same day bookings, cancellations and emergency enquiries are open from Monday to Friday 7am-7pm and Saturday 8am – 6pm.


Same Day: Emergency Enquiries, Cancellations & Bookings

The ConnectBus phone lines for same day bookings, cancellations and emergency enquiries are open from Monday to Friday 7am-7pm and Saturday 8am – 6pm.

Call 0345 263 8153 and select option 1 to take you through to correct ConnectBus advisor.

Emergency Enquiries

Due to the nature of demand responsive transport, our flexible buses can arrive anytime within your confirmed booking window.  If you have booked your journey using our app, you will be able to track your bus near the time of your booking. However, if your bus still has not arrive after your confirmed booking window, please call the emergency enquiry line. At this point we will be able to contact the driver for an update on their arrival time.

Please note that our busy schedules do not allow enough time to wait for passengers who are not at their booked pick up point.


If you no longer require your journey you must cancel your booking either through our app or by telephone.

Cancellation should be made as far in advance as possible but must be made with no less than 30 minutes notice.

Late cancellations and not turning up for booked buses is monitored and we reserve the right to suspend anyone from the service who frequently fail to cancel journeys within the above time frame.

Same Day Bookings 

Booking can be requested on the same day as you wish to travel. A minimum of 30 minutes notice is required in order to communicate your booking with the ConnectBus driver. 

Please note that all ConnectBus bookings are subject to availability.


Navigating the Telephone Menu

To help you get through to the correct advisor, please select the correct option on the telephone menu.

If you do not have a touch tone telephone, you will come through to an advisor who will manually place you through to the correct option.

Same day bookings, Cancellations and Emergency Enquiries

Option 1: Same Day

Option 1: Emergency enquiries

Option 2: Same Day Cancellations

Option 3: Same Day Bookings

Advance Bookings

Option 2: Advance Bookings

Option 1: Cancellations

Option 2: Week Ahead Bookings (7 days in advance)

Option 3: All Other Advance Bookings

ConnectBus Enquiries

Option 3

Option 1: Registrations

Option 2: Queries

Free and Friendly advice

Contact us

There are many ways to contact us; Live Chat, Contact Us forms or call and speak to an advisor. Find out the best way to contact us here.

New ConnectBus

Booking App

Introducing our new ConnectBus booking app for services in the Bourne, Stamford, Peterborough and Rutland areas. You can now book, manage and track your ConnectBus journey on your smart phone.



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