Important: CallConnect temporary booking centre opening hours

March 20, 2020 10:45am
From Saturday 21st March, CallConnect’s booking Centre will have revised/temporary opening hours. These temporary changes will help us to ensure we have sufficient staffing levels over this difficult period.
Monday to Friday:
CallConnect Emergencies & Cancellations: 7am-6pm
Booking Service: 8.30am-5.30pm Lincolnshire, 8am-5pm Stamford and Welland
CallConnect Emergencies & Cancellations: 8am-5pm
Booking Service: 9am-4.30pm Lincolnshire, 8.30am-4pm Stamford and Welland
Please note, our operational hours for the CallConnect bus service currently remain the same. Any updates will be available at or on Twitter at @callconnectbus
Thank you and keep safe
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