Contactless Payments

Go Contactless on Callconnect the fast and safe way to pay

Now available on all Callconnect buses.

Just tap and take your seat and travel!

Paying contactless for your journey is fast, safe and secure just like card payment in a shop – simply present your card to be scanned by the bus’s ticket machine and the correct payment will be deducted from your account.

Contactless is s a quick, secure and convenient way to pay and reduces contact for safer travel. Simply tap your card or contactless-enabled device onto the reader and wait for the beep.

You may have questions about this new service – See FAQs below 

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  • Pay fast– it literally takes a second for a contactless payment to register.
  • It’s secure – contactless payments have the same level of protection as Chip and Pin payments.
  • It’s safe  – not handling cash is safer for you, the driver and other passengers as it helps to reduce the spread of Covid-19 through contact.


For information regarding our ticket machines and ENCTS passes please click below.

Callconnect Contactless


The current limit is £45. We envisage this limit allowing the vast majority of transactions on Callconnect.

You can pay with contactless cards using Visa or Mastercard. You can also pay with devices using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Unfortunately we cannot accept American Express or Maestro payment cards. Also, we cannot currently accept pre-paid top-up cards such as sQuid or GoHenry.

Yes, you can buy multi-journey tickets with a contactless bank card.

You will pay for the ticket when you first travel; on your subsequent journeys you will need to show the ticket to the driver who will cancel the ticket to deduct one journey each time you travel.

Yes you can.

If you are able to pay with the exact change it would help us reduce Covid-19 risks by limiting the amount of cash handling the drivers need to do.

You can find out how much your journey will cost by asking our staff when you book your journey or by using the online fare calculator.

No, there is no minimum purchase price, and there are no additional fees for paying contactlessly.

M-Tickets are where a ticket is purchased in advance on a mobile phone, the phone then generates a barcode or QR code that is shown to the driver.

Unfortunately we do not sell M-Tickets for Callconnect journeys.

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