Timetabled Services

In addition to the network of bookable bus services, Callconnect also provides a number of more traditional timetabled bus services.

Timetabled services cannot be booked. Simply arrive at your pick up/ drop off location and hop on the Callconnect bus. 

If you wish to travel in your wheelchair on the Callconnect please call 0345 234 3344 (Lincs) 0345 263 8153 (Bourne, Stamford & Peterborough)

Service 4: Grantham - Stamford

Callconnect Service 4 operates Monday – Saturday between Grantham and Stamford. 

Service 9: Stamford - Oakham

Callconnect Service 9 operates journeys Monday – Saturday to complement Centrebus and Mark Bland journeys between Stamford and Oakham. Please note that tickets are not transferable between operators.

Service 11a: Scothern - Lincoln

Callconnect Service 11a operates journeys Monday – Friday between Scothern and Lincoln.

Service 24: Louth - Horncastle

Callconnect Service 24 operates Monday – Saturday and provides journeys between Louth and Horncastle.  

Service 26/27: Louth - Market Rasen

Callconnect Service 26/27 operates Monday – Saturday between Louth and Market Rasen. 

Service 26: Grantham - Billingborough

Callconnect Service 26 operates Wednesdays and provides non peak journeys between Grantham and Aslackby to complement the Centrebus 26 service.  Please note that tickets are non transferable between operators.

Service 48: Wittering - Peterborough

Callconnect Service 48 operates Monday – Friday providing a peak service between Wittering and Peterborough. 

Service 50: Louth - Mablethorpe

Callconnect Service 50 operates Monday – Friday and provides peak journeys between Louth and Mablethorpe to complement the PC Coaches 50 service.  

Service 65/66: Sleaford - Cranwell - Billinghay

Callconnect service 65/66 operates Monday – Saturday.

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CALLCONNECT single rides are capped at £2 in line with Government initiatives. 

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