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How to use Lincsbus

Journey Planner / Interactive Map

The initial map window show the map at a zoom level that shows all bus stops. Zooming out from here turns them off to allow the map to be read more easily.

A locator map in the bottom left corner of the map screen shows where you are on the map.

The locator map window in the bottom left corner can be turned on and off by clicking on the chevron in the top left corner of the locator.

Clicking on any bus stop will display the name of the bus stop, if the name is not displaying in full you can hover over the name and its full description is revealed.

Each bus stop shows all the services that call at that bus stop including real-time bus times where available. Clicking on the service number shows the line of the route in red on both the main map and also the locator window in the bottom right of the screen. Clicking on the timetable icon will open the timetable for that service in a new window (in PDF format).

Clicking on any rail station will show name of the station, click on this to see the live departure screen for that station on National Rail.

You can view all routes by clicking on the “Routes and times” tab and then selecting from the groups of services shown. Clicking on any number will show the days of operation, the operator name, give a link to the timetable or CallConnect information, and provide a link to view the route or operating area on the map.

Clicking anywhere on the map within a CallConnect zone will display a box with information on the zone you are within with a link to the CallConnect information page.

Type any text in the search box above the map window to quickly locate places on the map.

Click on the CallConnect button above the map to turn on and off the CallConnect zones on the map.

Click “Refresh Map” to reset the map to the opening view, which is centred on Lincoln.


This shows a full list of all timetables if you wish to access them without using the map. Click on any group name at the top of the page to quickly move the page to that section.

For CallConnect services you will be directed to the CallConnect information page, all other services have a link to the timetable (in PDF format).

CallConnect Bus

Find out more about the on demand CallConnect bus service, register and book online.

News/Upcoming Timetable Changes

This gives an overview of any forthcoming changes to services and the latest news on public transport in Lincolnshire.

Concessionary Bus Pass

Will direct the user to the concessionary bus pass information on the County Council website.

Useful Contact Information

This gives a list of all bus operators, train companies and Bike hire, including telephone numbers and websites (where available).

Accessing Lincolnshire Transport

This takes you to information on the range of transport options in Lincolnshire including community transport schemes.

Contact Us / Live Chat

Complete the Contact us form to ask a questions about transport services in Lincolnshire and we will normally respond within 24 hours.  Our live chat service is coming soon!