About the service

Callconnect is an on demand bus service. Since 2001 our buses have been serving hamlets, villages and market towns throughout Lincolnshire. We offer passengers the flexibility to connect to their local communities, services and other transport options.

Our ‘book a bus’ service works on passenger journey requests that then form a  schedule. This gives you the flexibility to be able to travel when it suits you the most.

In addition to our bookable service, we also offer a range of traditional timetabled services, complementing the bus network.


Booking your journey


Register on Callconnect by simply download the booking app and register your details. 

If you do not use the app, complete the online form by clicking the link below or get in touch by calling 0345 234 3344 (Lincolnshire) 0345 263 8153 (Bourne, Stamford and Peterborough)

It’s quick and free. 


Your journey can be booked by phone or app, from 1 hour’s notice or up to 7 days in advance (subject to availability).

Click here for the Callconnect app guide to booking your ride. 

All Journeys are subject to availability. Some routes and times are very busy and we advise passengers to give as much notice as possible.


You will receive a text with your estimated pick up time once you have made your booking. Closer to your journey, you will  get a confirmed pick up time about 45 minutes before your trip. 

Track your vehicle using the booking app to see where the vehicle is and how long until they will be with you. 

You will be notified when your driver has arrived.


What are the fares?

Fares vary according to distance and are calculated on a zonal basis.

Callconnect single rides are currently capped at a wallet-friendly £2! 

Children aged 5-15 pay half the adult fare

Under 5’s travel Free with an accompanying adult

Save money with our 10 Journey Saver Ticket

You can use your concessionary bus pass on Callconnect


Operating Hours

The Callconnect service operates 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday excluding Bank Holidays. Journeys are available to be booked from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays. Please be aware that the drivers do have breaks throughout the day in line with government guidelines, meaning that there are period of time where the bus is unavailable.

Callconnect journeys are subject to availability with more demand for journeys at certain parts of the day.  If you need to travel at a specific time, for example a connection, an appointment or for work, please book with as much notice as possible.   You can book up to 7 days in advance or on the same day as you wish to travel. A minimum of an hours notice is required to communicate your booking with the Callconnect driver.

For detail of the Callconnect booking office open hours please click below.

Contact us using our form below or call and speak to an advisor. 

Keep up to date with Callconnect news and information. 


Further information

If you would like further information regarding the Callconnect bus service you can call our friendly booking team on:

Bourne, Stamford, Rutland and Peterborough Callconnect 

0345 263 8153

Lincolnshire Callconnect 

0345 234 3344

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

Ride around for £2

CALLCONNECT single rides are capped at £2 in line with Government initiatives. 

Where will you go next on Callconnect? 

Callconnect Booking App

Download the Callconnect app from your app store and take control of all your Callconnect rides.

Fares Calculator

Simply enter the destination you would like to travel from, and the destination you would like to travel to

Location Finder

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Book by app or call 0345 234 3344 (Lincolnshire) 0345 263 8153 (Stamford, Bourne, Peterborough, Welland).